How to protect your email account from hackers

We frequently hear about our clients, friends, and others getting their emails hacked. More than you would think. They never think it will happen to them until it does. Then they wonder how it happened and what the damage is.

When someone else has access to your email they can reset accounts, send malware to your contacts, or request things you don’t want and often get it! There is a TON of information in your past emails.

They can pretend to be you and be good at it because they have your history. They can literally copy and paste your own words. Anything you do over email, they can do. Often times they will search for things involving money, passwords or sensitive information. If in your company you approve money transfers via email, they now can.

If there isn’t anything easily obtained from your account they will send links to your contacts similar to what you usually send. When if clicked will compromise your contacts – and they only clicked it because they trust YOU! There are some things to be said about what you should share in emails and limiting sensitive processes from being email specific, but for this post I am going to limit my focus to some easy steps to avoid getting your email hacked.

Here are 7 steps to in no particular order that if followed will greatly limit the ability for your email account to be compromised:

  1. Don’t use your email password any where else
  2. Enable 2 Factor Authentication on your email account
  3. Don’t click links without knowing where they are actually taking you
  4. Don’t put credentials into sites until you confirm it is the correct site
  5. Be wary of attachments
  6. Don’t install anything from an email attachment
  7. Don’t run macros or approve/allow any permissions to run something that you downloaded