Pope Tech Cinema - Navigating websites, security and accessibility for your cinema

Pope Tech Cinema website launches

The Pope Tech Cinema website focuses specifically on creating websites, web accessibility and security for cinemas. When Pope Tech first started in 2010 as Loss Prevention DVR LLC it’s first client was a movie theatre exhibitor, building and installing camera security systems. One of the first websites created by Pope Tech was for a theatre exhibitor. Pope Tech later evolved to providing general IT services which branched out into PCI compliance and other infosec services currently offered to cinemas.

Dinolytics first real world use was by a cinema website. Three of the seven Pope brothers started out in Cinema with decades of combined operational and IT experience in the exhibition industry.

Cinema.Pope.Tech was created as a separate site to focus specifically on cinemas and how they can leverage Pope Tech’s experience.

Learn more by visiting https://cinema.pope.tech.