#passwordMonth at Pope Tech

Everyone has passwords, dozens or most likely even over a hundred passwords. Good passwords are complex and have rules, but if followed what human can remember all of them?  This makes passwords frustrating so many people leave themselves vulnerable.

At Pope Tech we have seen many clients lose time, money, and reputation by not having a good plan for passwords. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and at Pope Tech we are making it #passwordMonth. Throughout the month we will be sharing simple ways you can have a solid password strategy without making passwords too frustrating.

#passwordMonth topics will include:

  • How to Share a Password
  • Password do’s and don’ts
  • The Power of 2 factor authentication and what it is
  • Tools you can use – Vault Managers and password cards

Our Goal is that by the end of the month you know WHY good passwords matter to you, WHAT a good password is, and HOW you or anyone can realistically have a good password strategy.

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If you are in Logan, Utah we will be presenting at the Cache Chamber Leadership Lunch on this topic on October 18th, learn more by visiting the Cache Chamber website.