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Tech Fights: DIY vs. Managed Websites

We pit 2 tech opponents against each other, Techo a Techo. No file is left unindexed. Tech Fights: DIY vs. Managed Websites compares the Security, Price, Agility, Design, SEO, Accessibility, User Experience, and Time Commitment for Do it Yourself websites and Managed Websites. Definition A DIY or Do It Yourself website is where you find […]

Always HTTPS

Always HTTPS is the idea that we should make all websites HTTPS, we should encrypt all data. All sites? What if it is just my blog about my cat? or just my business site with no login? does it matter? Always HTTPS says yes, it always matters.   Understanding the value of HTTPS In order […]

The What and Why of SEO in 90 Seconds

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the term used for creating a web presence that best follows the search engine rules. For example the most popular search engine is Google. Google is primarily an advertising company or corporation. As a corporation their goal is profit maximization. When we search we often click on the paid […]

5 Ways to Ruin Your Website

Your website. It’s a love hate relationship isn’t it? You need it to drive in new business but yet it’s a lot of work and you don’t seem to be seeing any positive results from it. Here at Pope Tech we have 5 ways that you might be ruining your own website   1. Too […]

SSH Config

I had been using SSH with certificate authentication for a while before I realized you could explicitly setup which connections use which identities in an SSH Config file. I simply hadn’t thought to look for this before I knew about it, but I can’t imagine using SSH certificate authentication without it now.


Last month I had the opportunity to attend SAINTCON at Weber State University as a volunteer helping with the audio and video in the rooms. It was an awesome experience. For those who aren’t familiar with the conference, SAINTCON is a meld of presentations, workshops and hands-on activities regarding information security, hacking, tools and introducing various security resources. The presentations and […]

The Perfect Small Business Website

Have you ever handed out a business card and wished that your website address would disappear from the card? Then your prospect mentions something about checking out your website.. now you know you’ve been caught. “The website isn’t up to date…” or some other excuse leaves your mouth. It happens. Having the perfect small business […]