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2 years ago today I Quit my Job

2 years ago today I jumped. Left the security and comfort of the regular career. Left good opportunities for the unknown. I made a bet on myself and my brothers. On the one hand I can’t believe it has only been 2 years since my brother John and I both quit our ‘real’ jobs and […]


#passwordMonth at Pope Tech

Everyone has passwords, dozens or most likely even over a hundred passwords. Good passwords are complex and have rules, but if followed what human can remember all of them?  This makes passwords frustrating so many people leave themselves vulnerable. At Pope Tech we have seen many clients lose time, money, and reputation by not having […]

Tech Fights: DIY vs. Managed Websites

We pit 2 tech opponents against each other, Techo a Techo. No file is left unindexed. Tech Fights: DIY vs. Managed Websites compares the Security, Price, Agility, Design, SEO, Accessibility, User Experience, and Time Commitment for Do it Yourself websites and Managed Websites. Definition A DIY or Do It Yourself website is where you find […]

Always HTTPS

Always HTTPS is the idea that we should make all websites HTTPS, we should encrypt all data. All sites? What if it is just my blog about my cat? or just my business site with no login? does it matter? Always HTTPS says yes, it always matters.   Understanding the value of HTTPS In order […]

The What and Why of SEO in 90 Seconds

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the term used for creating a web presence that best follows the search engine rules. For example the most popular search engine is Google. Google is primarily an advertising company or corporation. As a corporation their goal is profit maximization. When we search we often click on the paid […]