5 Ways to Ruin Your Website

Your website. It’s a love hate relationship isn’t it? You need it to drive in new business but yet it’s a lot of work and you don’t seem to be seeing any positive results from it. Here at Pope Tech we have 5 ways that you might be ruining your own website


1. Too Much Visible Content

How could content be a bad thing you ask? I mean that’s why you have a website, to provide content to users… The thing is that most people that come to your website aren’t going to read even half of the stuff you put on there. Think of textbooks vs. magazines. Your textbook has so much content that it’s a bit of a drag to get through. While a magazine is short, to the point, and has lots of pretty pictures to catch your eye. So with that said, make your website like a magazine, quality content and LOTS of pictures is always a safe bet. Take Google for example.


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 4.30.30 PM


When they’re trying to sell a product, they don’t try to sell you with long drawn out verbage on the specs and niceties of their product. They give you a simple, clean website with lots of pretty pictures and content that is to the point. https://www.google.com/nexus/.

They still have lots of content, but they hide the nitty gritty details by default. If someone wants to know they can click and find out. Its the best of both worlds. A clean interface for user experience, users can easily find answers and real information if they want, and there is content for SEO as well. SEO doesn’t have to compromise your visual experience, and it shouldn’t!



2. Terrible Images

Images can either make or break your site. Do a little test on sites that you love the look of… I bet you money that they have beautiful images. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this site uglytub.com.


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 4.31.39 PM


Notice the 90’s esq cheesy stock images. Not to mention the skewed, pixelated drawings of trucks and tubs. If that doesn’t turn you away from a website I don’t know what will. Contrast that with this site http://eyeheartworld.org/.


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 4.32.41 PM


Notice the large beautiful imagery. The images alone make the site more interesting. In fact the images are so eye catching that it makes you want to buy their product. So hire a photographer and get shooting (with a camera that is). Images ARE worth a thousand words.



3. Complicated Navigation

Now that we’ve slimmed down your content and amped up your images, do a little test on your site and check out your navigation. Do you have more than five links? Yes? Then cut out the crap. It’s time to downsize your site. People don’t want to have to dig through your site to find what they’re looking for. They want to click click and then bam! Here’s the content you’ve been searching for. Focus instead on having a clear, meaningful navigation, links that really emulate what content is waiting for them underneath. For example, take another site by Google. The navigation is highlighted with links that are easy to understand. 


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 4.35.28 PM


 If you are one of those people that need a lot of nav links, there’s ways to consolidate and fine tune your nav. Whether it’s pulling out the important links and putting the rest into a menu drop down, or linking to alternate pages from subpages, there’s ways to put your navigation on a diet. 



4. Forgetting about Mobile

It’s the age of the mobile phone and most of your users are probably going to be looking at your site on their phone. Nothing is worse than coming to a website and having to pinch and scoot with your fingers to find what you’re looking for. And then once you actually have found what you’re looking for trying to click that tiny little link with seemingly gigantic thumb. If you’re out of your element in the mobile world, try consulting a web design firm about the best way to make your site mobile friendly.



5. Never Updating your Content

A website isn’t like a souvenir that you put on a shelf and gaze at fondly every so often. It’s a tool to be utilized and what good is a tool if you let it sit and rust? Update your content. Make sure your users have something new and exciting to look at whether it’s a new banner, an updated paragraph or a new social media post. New content encourages users to visit your site again and again. If nothing else, make sure that your content is up to date and isn’t advertising an out of date event or something of that nature. 

There’s lots of other ways to ruin your website. These are a few that I’ve noticed the most. Let your website work for you. If it’s not, get a web design firm to help.

Oh and one last note..for my sake….PLEASE don’t use the font, Comic Sans, on your website. Thanks in advance.